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Seth Godin is a master at marketing and how new technology works.
This article he wrote years ago, still applies today. Have an open mind and read it.
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This is the key to what must happen for music biz to adapt to the new technologies that here to stay!

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and more importantly, illegal downloads is an argument.
Seth says, copy protection in a digital world is a pipe dream.
In fact is legal to download YouTube videos for personal use.
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So the audience knows they can listen and copy music for free from YouTube all day long and what sales do happen is given to iTunes.

But Seth and I know the best days are ahead when the music biz embraces, proper YouTube monetization skills which sadly I don’t see. and learns to properly use permission marketing tied with subscription. My passion, mission is to help the music biz I love to use and learn the new way of doing things. Interactivity cannot be copied, music files can and will be from now. Let’s change the business model together.

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